We specialize in selling a wide range of genuine parts and aftermarket parts from Japanesevehicle to imported vehicle.

JLM DPF Cleaner
DPF Cleaner is specially formulated chemical cleaner which cleans up DPF of a diesel engine with more than 95% possibility. This can improve a clogging of DPF filter (warning lamp at the first stage) and prevent subsequent clogging as well.
AC Delco Battery
AC Delco Battery compliants with worldwide industrial standards such as JIS(Japan Industrial Standard), DIN(Deutsche Industrie Norm), EN(European Norm) and BCI(Battery Council International). We stock a wide range of maintenance-free batteries from small cars up to heavy-duty trucks and imported vehicles.
PEPOPA/ Car Air Freshener
PEPOPA is the Car Air Freshener and sanitizing chemicals for business use. The smoke coming out from PEPOPA can take away the cigarette odor and musty odor,vomiting odor,body odor,pet odor,virus/bacteria and so on,and also exert an deodorization and bactericidal effect for whole odor. This has a quality that the non-recurrence of odor and maintaining long-lasting deodorizing effect.
Axle / BrakeBrake Disc, Brake Pad, Brake Shoe, Brake Master Cylinder, Caliper Seal Kit, Brake System Overhaul Kit for Commercial Vehicle, Brake Hose, Rubber Seal Kit for wheel cylinder, Repair Kit for brake master cylinder, Caliper Piston, Dust Cover for ball joint, Bellow Set of drive shaft
Engine / Cooling SystemOil Seal, Water Pump, Clutch Releser & Pilot Bearing / Wheel Bearing & Wheel Hub / Tensioner Bearing, Radiator Cap, Engine / Cooling System Parts, V-Ribbed Belt, Clutch Parts, Timing Belt
Running SystemRack End, Ball Joint
Steering & SuspensionStabilizer Linkage, Tie Rod End, Control Arm
Air Intake & Exhaust SystemTail Pipe of Exhaust, Centre Section of Exhaust, Silencer, Exhaust Pipe, Cabin Filter, Air Filter
MiscellaneousBattery & Battery Charger, Fastener for Exterior, Wiper Blade, Wiper Rubber, Outside Mirror & Reflector Taillamp Unit / Marker Light Unit, Taillamp Lens, Hose Clamp, All Kinds of Filters, Oil Filter, Cylinder Head Gasket / Drain Plug Sealring, Miscellaneous

Contents of Business

Our main business is selling aftermarket parts within Japan. We are primary auto parts wholesaler who play an important role as a bridge between manufacturers and retailers. We purchase high quality/high performance products directly from auto parts manufacturers and supply regional auto parts dealers, rebuilders and secondary auto parts wholesalers.

We are auto parts specialist.

With a nation-wide purchasing network of our own 7 branch offices located all over Japan, we can provide many different kinds of auto parts (replacement, repair and etc.) particularly for car inspection of Japanese cars such as:

  • Suspension parts
  • Clutches
  • Wiper blades
  • Rebuilt parts

As for European/American vehicle parts, we import genuine and aftermarket parts directly from overseas manufacturers /exporters and stock in our Osaka warehouse to distribute to domestic customers. The number of parts we have is more than 60,000 items.

We have an established reputation about providing parts according to customer needs. Many customers rely on us that our experienced parts professionals can search and find products on demand.

Also, the parts ordering system on the website enables us to take orders immediately for timely delivery.

Providing a new added value.

The technological development of auto parts has been remarkable and aftermarket business environment is in process of great change. In order to adapt this new ara, we always grasp trends and needs in real time by a thorough marketing to bring a new added value. We make our effort keeping up with the most up-to-date information on latest product development to offer services quickly and accurately to our customers by using our own distribution channels in Japan and abroad.


What kind of parts can we buy?

We stock every kind of auto parts and also we can supply all auto parts according to your needs if we don't keep them in stock.

  • *Thank you for your understanding in advance.The following products could be declined for lack of information or data.
  • Discontinued products
  • Parts of unknown stock number
  • Parallel imported vehicle through irregular route

Can we buy European/American vehicle parts?

We specialize in selling a wide range of auto parts from Japanese vehicle to imported vehicle.

  • *Some items like the parts of parallel imported vehicle could not be ordered.

Are you looking for suppliers?

We look forward to your product proposals which are high quality and high performance. Please feel free to contact us by mail or telephone call.

Corporate Profile

Our Company

Company NameTrust Co., LTD.
Location7-4-16, Tsukuda, Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka city, Osaka 555-0001 JAPAN
Phone Number+81-6-6476-3532
FAX Number+81-6-6476-3533
CEOHidetake Kikuchi
FoundationNovember 1945
Capital18 million yen
The number of Employees80
BusinessDirect import and wholesale of auto parts and accessories
BranchOsaka Head Office (Imported Vehicle Parts Dept.) (Warehouse)
Tokyo Office
Nagoya Office
Sapporo Office
Hiroshima Office
Fukuoka Office
Kyoto Office

Corporate History

1945Kimura Manufacturing Co. is established by the founder Hidezo Kimura at Kikko-cho, fukushima-ku, Osaka city for selling American vehicle parts.
Company name is changed to Showa Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. in November.
1953Head office is relocated to Jyosobashi, Fukushima-ku, Osaka city.
1954Open Tokyo Office
1967Head office is relocated to 7-chome, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka city.
1972Open Nagoya Office
1975Open Sapporo Office
1983Open Otsu Office
1987New head office building is built.
1988The founder Hidezo Kimura receives the Fifth Class of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays in April.
1990New Nagoya Office building is built.
1991New Sapporo Office building is built.
1992Tokyo Office is relocated.
Open Hiroshima Office
1993Open Fukuoka Office
1995Warehouse of Imported vehicle parts Dep.and new office building are built.
1996Tokyo Office is relocated.
1998Open Kyoto Office
1999Otsu Office is integrated into Kyoto Office.
2004Hiroshima Office is relocated.
2006Tokyo Office is relocated.
2016Joined the GLion Group.
2017Kyoto Office is relocated.
Tokyo Office is relocated.
2018Head office is relocated to 7-chome, Tsukuda, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka city.

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